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Leawood Estate Planning AttorneyA solid Estate Plan begins with consulting a knowledgeable attorney with expertise in the area. Prior to graduation from law school at the University of Kansas, Leawood Estate Planning Attorney Daniel Dorsch received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Texas Christian University. Dan has been practicing law since 1986, and now concentrates mainly on Estate Planning, Wills, and small business matters exclusively.

Administration of Decedent’s Estate

At Dorsch Law, we take pride in providing the personal service you need when it comes to dealing with the death of a loved one and take pride in being both accessible and responsive to our clients. If an Estate Plan has been put into place, we can help make this process easier. When someone dies without completing an Estate Plan, however, this process can become even more difficult than it already is for surviving heirs.

When There is No Will

If no will or Estate Plan has been established at time of death, the courts take over. The court will appoint an administrator to manage the affairs of the deceased person so that the individual’s assets can be distributed among the heirs. Unfortunately, this process can be lengthy and subject to taxes that can be quite costly.

Even if there was a will, the probate process may still be required, such as when the will is being contested or has not been updated appropriately, especially as the testator’s health begins to fail and may be called into question, or if the designated trustee is accused of mismanaging the will or trust in such a way that unfair distribution of assets results.

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It is important to have a solid Estate Plan in place. At the law office of Daniel Dorsch, we specialize in providing sound legal counsel in all types of Estate Planning services, including Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, and more. Our focus is helping our clients in the Leawood, Kansas area plan, prepare, and then to distribute their possessions according to their wishes in the event of their own or their loved one’s death. Call today for personal, prompt representation in the Estate Planning process.