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We work hard to build our businesses, families, and to maintain our financial security, yet we often fail to anticipate the problems that may arise which threaten the fruits of our labor.

Legal counsel in all types of Estate Planning services

At the Dorsch Law Firm, we specialize in providing sound legal counsel in all types of Estate Planning services, including Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, and more. Our focus is helping our clients in the Missouri and Kansas areas in the event of their own or their loved one’s death, plan, prepare, and then to distribute their possessions according to their wishes.

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No one knows what the future holds

Some examples to have a solid Estate Plan in place are protecting your family’s financial assets, preserving the business you spent years building, ensuring that the home you invested in and wanting to make sure you leave it for your family. Our law firm is committed to helping you protect your assets as well as helping you with putting in place a plan to do this as efficiently as possible.

Attorney Daniel B. Dorsch

"An individual (or couple) has diligently worked their entire lives in establishing a secure "foundation," and are now seeking the most effective manner to pass along their wealth to others. I exclusively work with each client to ensure their legacy is properly addressed."

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Our Areas of Practice

Dorsch Law Firm specializes in Estate Planning services for Missouri and Kansas. We are focused on helping you distribute your possessions the way you wish. A Will is a great start, but many of the pre-packaged Will kits don't cover the full depth of estate planning. You’ve worked hard for your money and you care about getting your affairs in order for yourself and your family.

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What Our Clients Have Said

Protecting your family, preserving your assets, and building your business

Selecting a lawyer can be a difficult and confusing task, however, our commitment to personal service, prompt client communication, and thorough representation has allowed us to develop client relationships that span many years. At the Dorsch Law Firm, we have extensive experience in helping you build your business and in planning for the care of your loved ones should you not be around to provide for them.

We understand estate planning can be an overwhelming and intimidating process.

We are here to help; our focus is on making what can be a very complex process, as simple and straightforward as possible for our clients.

We will help you legally determine how your assets should best be managed during your lifetime and show you how to distribute them after your death so that your wishes are carried out. Our law firm will also adjust your estate plan so that taxes are minimized and court costs and interference are eliminated. We will also help you create a legally binding document that ensures that you have control of your finances, taxes, and medical plans in the way that fits your needs.

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Our goal is to make this process easy to understand so that you can make the decisions that matter most to you. We will help you to know the difference between wills and trusts, the various types of these, and the benefits of each, as well as other important aspects of the estate planning process.

The Dorsch Law Firm "Cap Fee"

Once a client makes a decision to secure a Trust - and the various ancillary documents - they may call me as much as they feel is necessary to fully discuss any potential issue or concern they may have with their Estate Plan, and I will not turn around and bill them for my time to resolve their question(s). In other words, the fee I charge clients to develop a Trust is a “cap fee.” I want clients to be totally open and comfortable with every aspect of the Estate Planning process.