Overland Park Small Business Lawyer

Kansas City Small Business Law revolves around the fact that small business owners are the core of our economy. Unfortunately many people find themselves at the helm of a business because of their expertise in one or two areas of their industry such as product development or sales, but lack the comprehensive experience and resources required to navigate the complex landscape of business ownership.

Many small business owners are at risk of potential exposure from:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete limited liability organization (L.L.C.’s) or proper corporation status which exposes your personal assets to risk.
  • Creditors pursuing hard-earned personal assets because the business owner did not properly take advantage of their negotiating position when entering into common agreements, or even long term leases (for example).
  • Various forms of agreements or contracts that lack the required clauses that make it financially feasible for you to pursue the proper claim or limit your liability.
  • Lack of comprehensive employment agreements that protect the intangible resources that are key to the success of a business, such as client lists, promotional materials, and unique business methods, among other things.
  • Non-compete or non-disclosure clauses, which may allow employees to take their valuable knowledge and experience and use it for the benefit of your competition.

Unfortunately, most small business owners are so busy running their businesses and dealing with the daily problems that arise, that they rarely seek assistance in implementing simple measures that prevent many of these costly and damaging problems from arising.

At The Dorsch Law Firm, we take on the role of trusted advisor to help you navigate the complex liability landscape you are driving your business through. Contact our office today or call (913) 685-9190 with your current business concern or to assess your potential areas of vulnerability and how we can reduce or eliminate foreseeable problems, allowing you to focus on elevating your company to the next level.